Manufacturer of Wizards Products: a complete line of detailing, shining and protective products for Automotive, Motorcycle, Aviation and Marine. Wizards also offers custom formulation, private label and contract packaging.

The Wizards brand includes the highly regarded Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer, Mystic Spray Wax / Ceramic Boost, Shine Master Polish & Breathable Sealant and the Wizards Mystic Cut Buffing and Polishing Systems.

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Mist-N-Shine®™Professional Detailer

Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness.

Brightens paint, chrome, plastics.

Safe for fresh paint, show chrome and Lexan.

Hides swirls, will not scratch* or streak*, even in direct sun.

Anti-static, perfect for spot cleaning or "dry washing" to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more.

Contains no wax or petroleum solvents.

Enhances gloss and protection between polishing with Shine Master™.

Shines motorcycles, cars, boats... even mirrors at home.

Marine use; As a quick detailer/clean up. Removes finger prints, streaks. Use on exterior, windshields and windows.

*Use with WIZARDS® Multi-Fiber™ Cloth #11420

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Racing Legend Paul Tracy - Wizards Products Pro Tip Mist N Shine®
Prepping For SEMA - WIth Mist N Shine®

For Motorcycles

Care, Polish and Restoration

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Make it Shine!

At Wizards we strive to build industry leadership through continuous improvement and product innovation. We strive for success and appreciate simplicity. We strive to earn our customer’s loyalty through achievement of goals, proven success, integrity and teamwork.

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Scratch Remover, 8oz Shine Master™ Mystic Nano Wax™ Mystic Spray Wax™

Scratch & Swirls Removers and More

Paint Correction

If your vehicle has paint damage commonly caused by exposure to the sun, rain and /or automatic car washes, it needs paint correction in order to look its best. Even a new car may need paint correction if it has been exposed to damaging effects of exposure or improper cleaning. Wizards Products has everything you need to bring out the best in your vehicle’s paint. Watch this video for complete instructions.

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We have been serving show car enthusiasts, fussy customers and resellers since 1986. Our goal has always been to offer our customers the highest quality products for exceptional vehicle appearance. Coupling our industry experience with valuable customer feedback, we have worked diligently to create new products to add to our quality line. Each item in our family of products is unique, performs excellently and offers great repeat sales for our distributors and resellers.

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