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Free Shipping On Orders of $75 or More

Wizards Select® Max Foam Cannon

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Maximum Foaming Cannon

Part No. 38025, each, Size: 1 Liter Capacity 

  • Maximum thick foam output when used with your pressure washer
  • Improved flow design for steady foaming without sputter
  • Screened pick up weight follows fluid level for steady flow
  • Large mouth top for filling and wide bottom for stability
  • Wide range adjustment from spot spray to fan
  • Easy twist adjustment for a 360° vertical or horizontal fan

WIZARDS SELECT® Max Foam Cannon will output super thick foam when attached to your pressure washer. Twist the soap control knob clockwise to its extreme position for thick, rich foam.

Twist counterclockwise to its extreme position for clean water for rinsing. It can be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. The Max Foam Cannon is made with high-quality brass with exterior brass chrome. The bottle is made from chemically resistant plastic. Big mouth plastic cap enables you to screw the bottle on and off easily and smoothly. The large size bottleneck lets you put soap and water into the bottle with ease and prevents spillage. 1 liter bottle has a wide footprint to prevent top heaviness.

DIRECTIONS: First time; attach provided pick-up tube to connector located on the inside bottom of canister cover. Determine desired ratio of MAX FOAM WASH, then fill with water first to avoid excessive foaming in the canister. Stir mixture or secure cap and shake to mix. With tightened cap, attach to your pressure washer wand or short gun connecting to the quick connect adapter. Firmly tighten (clockwise) the top adjustment for full draw of mixture and the max foam option, Then test and adjust to your desired fan pattern and directional application by turning the black and purple tunnel covers.

HINT: Use with WIZARDS® MAX FOAM WASH #52011 for copious and thick pillow foam.


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