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Free Shipping On Orders of $75 or More

Wizards Select® Hybrid Ceramic Detailer

Original price $14.28 - Original price $107.89
Original price
$14.28 - $107.89
Current price $25.63

SiO2 Infused Polymer Coating

Part No. 51011, 22 oz, each or 12/Case.

Part No. 51017, Gallon, each or 4/Case.

Part No. 51018, 8oz, each or 12/Case.

  • Easy - Spray on, Wipe off.
  • Streak Free - Shade or Full Sun.
  • Removes Light Dust and More.
  • Super Gloss - Hydrophobic Beading.

Enhances Protection on all Paint/Clears, Ceramic Coat, Wax & Sealants.

WIZARDS* Ceramic Detailer quickly brings your finish to a high gloss while enhancing surface protection. Use to remove light dust and contaminants plus boost hydrophobic beading on all paints, ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants. Safe and effective on all paint/clears, glass, chrome, polished metals and vinyl wraps. Easy spray and wipe application provides a layer of polymer hybrid SiO2 infused spray coating that gives you a slick, deep finish with insane gloss and water beading.

DIRECTIONS: Shake lightly; spray directly onto surface and spread out evenly using a quality microfiber cloth, flip folded cloth and level coating to an even application. For best results paint should be smooth; claying or polishing may be required to remove stuck-on debris or scratches. Apply and level a section at a time. Wizards Ceramic Detailer can be applied in shade or full sun but always inspect for even application and use a high quality absorbent cloth. Any high spots noticed will easily wipe away to a uniform layer. Wizards Ceramic Detailer can be used right after washing (while still slightly wet) but note that this may dilute the formula and lessen performance.

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