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Shine Master™

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$20.22 - $140.71
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Polish & Breathable Sealant

Part No. 11033, 16 oz, each or 12/Case.

Part No. 11036, Gallon, each or 4/Case.

  • Easy on — easy off.
  • Awesome gloss.
  • No streaks or smears.
  • No free silicone or wax.
  • Excellent cleaning/tough poly acrylic protection.
  • Safe for fresh paint, clear coat and Lexan.
  • Use as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing (show) glaze by hand or machine.
  • Marine use: exterior sealant on gelcoat, paint or fresh paint

WIZARDS® SHINE MASTER™ is recommended as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing glaze. This polish contains a special polymer blend that provides an impressive high gloss on all paint/clear types, new or aged. It performs excellently on fiberglass, lexan, plexiglass and other non-porous surfaces. This unique formula is not water-soluble and won't wash away like most hand glazes and waxes. SHINE MASTER™ is body shop recommended as the finishing (protection) step after all buffing systems. SHINE MASTER" contains no wax and can be safely applied to freshly painted surfaces (after paint manufacturer's recommended dry times, normally 24 hours).

DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake bottle well before use. 2. Apply to a clean and cool surface a section at a time; for a gloss coat use a foam applicator pad (dry or water dampened) using a smooth circular or front-to-back motion. 3. For heavy swirls or light oxidation; rub firmly with a cloth or microfiber applicator pad using a steady circular overlapping motion. 4. Remove residue with a quality WIZARDS® Microfiber cloth immediately before or after light haze. HINT: For more gloss, additional coats add to the deep, glass-like luster and clear reflection.


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