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Free Shipping On Orders of $75 or More

Wag & Wipe

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Pet Stain & Odor Remover 

Part No. 66801, 22 oz, each or 12/Case

  • Permanently Removes Pee, Poo, Barf & More
  • Great for Carpets, Flooring, Cloth Furniture & Most Washable Fabrics
  • Pet Friendly, People-Friendly & Eco-Friendly
  •  Fresh Scent & Enzyme Free

PERMANENTLY REMOVES STAINS: Pee, Poo, Barf, Blood or any animal/human body fluids. Also removes food grease, tomato sauce, coffee, cola, traffic dirt, grass, car grease, makeup and more! SAFE FOR: Carpets, flooring, grout, cloth furniture, pet bedding, clothing, mattresses and most washable fabrics. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Wool, jute, suede, velvet, silk, leather or untreated wood. NOTE: Always test for colorfastness in hidden area before use; if color is affected do not use

DIRECTIONS: CARPET: Remove mess residue and blot up liquid, flood area with Stain and Odor Remover going beyond obvious stain or wet area and allow to dry. Stubborn stains and smells may require several applications plus wiping or light scrubbing. Keep pets and kids off area until dry. FLOORING: Remove mess, spray to flood area and allow to dwell for 10 minutes, then wipe clean and dry; repeat as needed

OXIDATION PROCESS: Some odors may seem worse after application but should dissipate in a few days as oxidation breaks down the cause.

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