The Bodyshop System

In 1996 the company officially branded the name WIZARDS and began slowly manufacturing new products. The WIZARDS Metal Polish was our first product and then the Shine Master Polish & Sealant followed by the Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer which is still our best-selling and most highly regarded product.

In the beginning of Wizards Products, I commissioned a chemist in California to create a formula, then two other chemists in New York and another in Saint Paul. After a year of frustration of not getting what I wanted, I decided that if I wanted top quality products combined with the ability to control quality, we had to figure it out for ourselves. All they could say was it’s good enough for everyone else, you’re too fussy, you’re unreasonable and the best of all was – just do a better label and marketing. With help sourcing information and samples I began formulating for a better polish and through the years have learned a lot about formulations, mainly through trial and error and thousands of lab samples of all our products we sell today. My key advantage was and is that I can test the formula and make changes within minutes and not weeks. I have always said that you can have the best chemist in the world but if you can’t test it properly you won’t have the right feedback. My years of painting and running a buffer are still paying rewards. 

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