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Curt Fehr

I have been using Wizards Mist & Shine, Mystic Spray Wax, clay bar and microfiber towels for many years. It is the best out there, bar none. I keep a bottle and some microfiber towels in my trunk at all times.

Curt Fehr - Olathe Public Schools Graphic Communications

Jenn Myers

I discovered wizard products back in 2010 when I worked for an auto company in Michigan. I decided to try the mist n shine on my 86 honda shadow. That was all it took. I was hooked. I opened a detailing business 2 years later and it is the ONLY products I will use.

I moved to MN in 2015 and was ecstatic to find out I was only a hour from my beloved wizards company!....

Last fall ( 2019) my son moved to MN and when I saw his van, I knew it was a perfect testimony for wizard products. I used the power clean and wheel and vinyl tire cleaner on his 2013 Nissan quest. Talk about impressed!!

I wish photos could do better justice. 

The before pix are of chip factory GREASE from a YEAR. It took me 2 hours to get it all clean but it was like brand new when I was done(When we traded his van in, the dealership was shocked at how clean his quest was. Of course it helps when you're a professional, and professional products to back it up! I feel I'm professional BECAUSE of wizards!)!!

My son said he had tried other cleaning products but it never really worked. I admit it took a whole bottle to get the year's worth of chip grease and whatever else was ground in, but always ALWAYS will I EVER use wizards! 

Jenn Myers Monticello MN  

Anthony Appleton

We met the Wizards crew at Sturgis, SD during the bike rally in 2017. We checked out their products, but told them we owned a shop and were happy with the products we were currently using. The rep insisted on me letting her try some products on my 2016 custom Road Glide. We had been riding all week and my bike was a mess between the bugs, dirt, and grime. We were absolutely SHOCKED at how well the Bug Release worked and how easy to use the Mist N Shine was. Needless to say we now only use Wizards Products in our shop and our details with Wizards are second to none. You absolutely need to check out their product lines. Everything they have is top notch. Thank you so much for convincing this stubborn guy to try your products…

PS- the customer service is better than you could imagine, the Wizards company truly wants you to be happy with their product lines and go out of their way to see you and your customer are happy.
- Anthony Appleton - Owner- Spokes Garage, Ozark, MO

Sarah Watson

“My name is Dr. Sarah Watson, and I have been using Wizards metal polish on my late 50’s model Bruce Lovins Parade Saddle for years. There is a lot of monel metal on this set, and it all has to be polished and used in a dusty, sometimes slobbery show ring. That being said, I haven’t found anything that works as well as Wizards. The three World Championships, and Pinto Parade Horse of the Year speak to just how lovely Wizards makes all of our tack. This year we are riding to support the Saddlebred Rescue, INC. Wizards has been generous and donated a group of products to be auctioned at the annual fund raising auction.”

-Sarah Watson Oak Park, IL

Gary Dahl

“I had my Bullitt at a car show on a windy day with the hood open and a plastic sign under my wipe. The wind whipped the sign back and forth leaving scratches on my hood, I was upset! At the car show was a Wizards dealer and I asked him if his product could remove these scratches? He got about 75% of them out and told me that I could get the rest of them out with a buffer. He was right! That was 3 years ago and now that is all I use is Wizards on my Stang!”

-Gary Dahl Rosemount, MN

Gary Tassi

“I have used Mist-N-Shine on my 67 Camaro and 03 Dodge Ram since 2008. I have never used any other product that even comes close, perfect deep shine every time. Mist-N-Shine is awesome!”

-Gary Tassi Custer Park, IL

David Jeffrey

“The new Mystic Spray Wax is great whether you’re gearing up for a show or just planning to cruise around with your best friend.”

-David Jeffrey and Dally the dog Fort Smith, AR

Jeff Bartheld

“At Flame N Finks Detail Shop in Princeton MN, we EXCLUSIVELY use Wizards Products. Here are some photos of one of our latest projects, a 1962 Airstream 26’ travel trailer. The trailer had never been polished prior to Flame N Finks doing it. We have had a lot of questions on the specifics of the project, so here are the stats: 2 people, 45 hours (combined), 80 ounces of Wizards Metal Renew, 32 ounces of Wizards Power Seal, 4 100% wool pads. Please Check out the Flame N Finks Detail Shop Facebook page to see other projects we have done using Wizards Products!”

-Jeff Bartheld Flame N Finks Detail Shop Princeton, MN

Chris Carlson

“Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS is a full service custom body shop. We are not only a Wizards dealer, but we use Wizards Products on all of our builds. Our painter likes Turbo Cut because it is water based and easy cleanup, it also cuts better than the other products out there. Another crew member likes Shine Master because it’s easy on, easy off and leaves a deep shine. The Water Bandit is the best chamois we’ve used, and we’ve tried them all! Mist-N-Shine is the favorite product among the entire crew!” “This 1934 Ford was debuted at SEMA 2012 and shown on the ISCA circuit. We’ve won several awards including paint awards. Throughout the tour, Mist-N-Shine kept a deep shine on the paint and a high gloss on the chrome. We’ve gone through lots of Mist-N-Shine this season! It not only works great, it smells great too!”

-Chris Carlson Chris Carlson Hot Rods Mulvane, KS

Cathy Skaife

“My husband has used your products for years and he loves them. Everywhere we go with our 1977 Grand Prix and our 2010 Harley Davidson Trike people ask him how he keeps them shining. He says, ‘I use Wizards Products.’”

-Cathy Skaife Platteville, WI

Angela Kelly

“Wizards Shine Master is the only thing that took off this oxidization issue that covered my entire 11 year old vehicle. Turbo Cut was used on the glass as well. Worked wonders! Here’s a photo of part of the roof. Thank you, Wizards!”

-Angela Kelly

Gary Thoreson

“Got the products I ordered and already polished my newest car of three classics. Took it out and got lots of compliments. She’s a sweet ride - 1972 Javelin AMX SST, Pierre Cardin Special. I take my cars to a lot of shows and while at car shows everyone asks what polish everyone uses. I’m sold on yours so you may see a few more orders coming from Calgary. Thanks again for the great service.”

-Gary Thoreson Calgary, AB Canada

Tony Lombardi

“Slick and smooth. Ready for first round of qualifying, 7.0 pro at the Blue Suede Cruise Norwalk. Thanks Wizards Products!”

-Tony Lombardi Ross Racing Engines Niles, OH

Kevin Riddle

“I work at the Parts Peddler in Dexter, Michigan. It’s a family owned and operated auto parts store. A customer came in with a 93 F350 with original paint. It was heavily oxidized after 20 years of neglect. I used Mystic Polish and followed up with Shine Master. Unbelievable! 20 years of neglect erased in a matter of seconds. Great product! The customer actually came back today and I wanted to try another product that I like on it called Liquid Lustre. I had to rub twice as hard and it didn’t do nearly as good a job. The Wizards area was much smoother too. The Liquid Lustre area still had some grit to it. Wizards works! Easy on, easy off, and you can’t beat the shine!”

-Kevin Riddle Parts Peddler Dexter, MI

Alexander Killips

“I’ve been detailing for 4 year with solid training and experience on paint correction and deep scratch removal. My chemical supplier introduced me to Wizards Turbo Cut and Finish Cut compounds and their ability to break down and bond with the clear coat quickly. Safe for beginners because it reduces the chance of burning paint. While leaving a beautiful glossy finish.”

-Alexander Killips Alma, MI

Paul Tachis

“Here are a couple of pictures of my 1968 T-Bird. It wears it’s original paint, vinyl top and interior. My T-Bird has never shined so much. Several members of the car club I belong to asked if I had it repainted. I am so thrilled with Wizards Products, you have a loyal product user for life! Awesome products!”

-Paul Tachis Redwood City, CA

Pete Ross

“Here’s a picture of one of the customer cars that I used Wizards Products on. I just detailed the local police dept vehicles with Shine Master and Mystic Spray Wax. They turned out great! I know they aren’t show cars, but everyday folks use your products too, not just show cars.”

-Pete Ross

Pete’s Car Care Rochester, IL

Gary McCullagh

“Hey guys, I wanted to thank you for my latest shipment. I found your products at Bike week in Daytona this year and fell in love with Mystic Spray Wax and Mist-N-Shine. I have a 2010 Heritage Softail and its never looked so good. The black paint is so clear it looks like a mirror. Everyone is asking how I keep my bike so clean and I tell them straight out, it’s all the products from Wizards from the wax to the quick detailer. I’m so glad you ship to Canada!”

-Gary McCullagh Acton, ON Canada

Phil Perez

“This is my 63 Impala that was just finished last week with the help of my 75yr old dad. . . and it’s already had a coat of wizards. Shine Master is the bomb! Easy to apply and remove. My dad swears by it, I take heart to his opinions and it left my car feeling like glass. This car wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for him. Thanks pops! As you can see the exterior came out just awesome.”

-Phil Perez

Jim Weber

“While on vacation in Wisconsin I had to get a fuse at Car Quest Auto Parts and noticed the display of Wizards Products. Talking to the store clerk he said this is the best polish he has ever used on his motorcycle and truck. He said it is easy to apply, reduces swirl marks and shines like no other polish on the market. Well I have used other polishes like Meguiar’s for years and I couldn’t wait to try it. In this picture of my 1997 Ford Explorer (16 yrs old) original paint, your polish took my Explorer to another level of shine. This product is awesome and I will only use this product from this day forth. THANKS for a great product!”

-Jim Weber Asheville, NC

Joseph Gracia

“I use Wizards exclusively on my car and on all new paint jobs we do. We always send our new paint job clients away with a bottle of Wizards Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer. We use Wizards to cut and polish all the new paint jobs we do and have ALWAYS been happy with the results as our customers have been too!”

-Joseph Gracia

Bay City, MI

Rusty Mack

“These are the ceramic coated headers off my Chevelle that were heavily oil stained, burnt on. I used Metal Renew with 0000 steel wool and some elbow grease to get them back to close to new.”

-Rusty Mack

New Ulm, MN

Jeff & Dale Schwartz

“We’ve been using Wizards for years on personal vehicles, and now offer it to our customers. Our favorite product is Metal Renew, as we’ve tested many other metal polishes and have found nothing to come close to Wizards Metal Renew. Whether we’re cleaning dirty shop equipment, daily drivers, or high-end builds, we trust Wizards!”

-Jeff & Dale Schwartz Schwartz Performance Inc. Woodstock, IL

Warren Williamson

“My 2007 Porsche GT3 occasionally goes to the track. The stray bits of rubber that fly up and hit you at 140 mph leave black “skid marks” or track rash all over the car. Shine Master is the only car care product I have found that can take the track rash off of my vinyl graphics without scratching it. Sure it removes the rash from painted surfaces, but to get it off the stone guard and vinyl, that’s something that I have not found before, and I have a garage full of other stuff that doesn’t work. This is a great product!”

-Warren Williamson

Loveland, OH

Wilkey & Kring Motorsports

“I’ve been using Wizards Products for several years. Not only are they the easiest products to use on my cars but the results are fantastic! They smell great and I will recommend Wizards to anyone!-George Kring

Wilkey & Kring Motorsports

Athens, TN

Ryan Finley

“We have been using Wizards Products for several years now on our race cars. They work great! We use Mist-N-Shine on the body and Crystal Clear on the Lexan windshield. They work like a champ! These products are awesome! Thanks Wizards Products!”

-Ryan Finley

Shabbona, IL

Jack Bresser

We own three “old” vehicles that we try to keep looking new. I was asked to try Shine Master a few years ago. I’m now sold on Shine Master and also love Mist & Shine and your Tire and Vinyl Shine. Two of our three cars live outside and these products last a very long time and keep the paint like new. I just started applying Shine Master with a machine and like it much better than hand application. Thank you Wizards!!

-Jack Bresser

Jim Weber

I purchased a 2014 Ford Explorer XLT and a 2014 Mustang GT in Sept of 2014. I have used Wizards Shine Master on my Mustang and Explorer and the shine it brings to the cars is unbelievable. The Ford Service went to put a fender cover on the car during a visit and it just slipped off. He asked what product I was using, so I told him, and showed him your website. The surface is so slick and so easy to apply, it far exceeds other polymers on the market. My son was visiting and wanted to know the polish I was using. Well, I showed him and then we proceeded to polish his 2007 Toyota Tacoma. I made him a believer in the Wizards Products.

You heard that a “picture is worth a thousand words”, you can see by the pictures attached that it is a reality.

Thanks Wizards for a great product.

-Jim Weber

Asheville, NC

Mike Blackwelder

I have used most of the other so called big boys brands, and Wizards Products are by far the best compounds I have ever used. I plan on using them to keep my ride looking fresh. Thank you for such a good product.

-Mike Blackwelder

Joel Smith

Our very own Brandon Hanson, a sales Rep here at Wizards, received a very flattering testimonial in regards to a training session he recently guided. Here are the highlights:

Brandon, I simply wanted to take the time to say thank you, so very much, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend three hours with the crew at In Tune Marine in Cold Spring, MN! You did a phenomenal job of showing the crew and also myself, the proper way to detail a boat, inside and out! The expertise you shared will only help the crew at In Tune, who has recently only started dabbling in the detailing portion of the boat world. Not only do they now know how to properly approach a boat and decide what method to use to make that boat shine like new, but they also understand more about the industry of detailing.

-Joel Smith,

Sales Representative, Hannays, Inc


I’d heard of Wizards and wanted to try the Mist-N-Shine. I’m sure glad I did. My bike looks better and Wizards applies much cleaner than other products I’ve tried. Great Product.


Avon, IN


Great Products with excellent results! My favorite is Mystic Cut. I fixed a major oops from an inexperienced shop this week. Thanks guys! You are expensive but worth every penny!


Eden Prairie, MN

Elgin Wells

As an air show performer, I need for my airplane, Starjammer, to both fly spectacular maneuvers, and to look spectacular, in the air and on the ground. Hundreds of thousands of people see it fly, and parked on the ramp each year. Her pictures have graced the pages of a half a dozen magazines and calendars. My very complex paint scheme took over 1,000 hours and more than $5,000 in aircraft paint to execute. I rely upon Wizards Products to give me a mirror like shine, and they never let me down. Thanks Wizards!

-Elgin Wells Aerial Services

Starjammer Airshows

Peachtree Corners, GA

David McClain

Love the products! Use it inside and out everytime I clean! From Tire and Vinyl, to Mist-N-Shine, keeps me at the top of my game!!

-David McClain

Randall B Mills

The paint on both of our Honda’s is top quality. When using Mist-N-Shine, it is so easy, I can do my 05’ Accord in less than 30 minutes. Great Product!

-Randall B Mills

Indianapolis, Indiana

Keith Haskell

We looked at replacing car wash door panels with new Lexan panels to the tune of $900. per section in each door, I have six doors.

Today I got out my buffer and sprayed a little Mist-n-Shine on them and then used your Crystal Clear product with a white waffle pad, and this is the end result. Doors that were almost as clear as they were on opening day…9 years ago!

I thought I’d share with you.

-Keith Haskell

Owatonna Husky Car & Pet Wash

Owatonna, Mn

Dennis Parker

I think Wizards Products Supreme Seal provides a deeper shine than the competitors.

-Dennis Parker Fernley, NV

Carson Cornwell

June of 2014

My Dad and I just wanted to say thank you for such great products. My Dad has been using your products on his motorcycle for many years. This year I have started to race Outlaw Winged Karts. I am 7 years old and race a restricted box stock. We race Friday nights at English Creek Speedway just south of Knoxville, Iowa. This is where they hold the Outlaw Kart Nationals. I just wanted to let you know that every week I have people tell me how nice and clean my car is and how good it always looks. I always use the Mist-N-Shine between heats to keep it looking good and fast.

-Carson Cornwell

Johnston, IA

And February 2015

We are gearing up for the upcoming racing season, and I have a new car I will be driving this year.

We continue to use your products to keep the car looking like new. We continue to use your products to keep the car looking like new.

-Carson Cornwell

Chris Schuler

I stumbled across your products at a custom bike shop, always on the lookout for cleaning products that make my motorcycles shine. I stepped up and bought your Mist-N-Shine for motorcycles. This product is amazing, cleans my bikes better than waxing them. Chrome, paint, even the plexiglass looks fantastic. I keep my bikes super clean, and have used a ton of different products… but your Mist-N-Shine is the best I have found to date, I use it on the whole bike.

-Chris Schuler

Tacoma, WA

Michael Dirr

I built my 1940 Ford Pro Street Coupe in 2002. Wizards is the only brand of car care products to ever touch this car. I use Wizards Polish about three times a year, (winter it is kept mostly in the garage) and whenever needed I apply Wizards Spray Detailer.This car is driven every chance I get, and at times long distances. To this day you can not find a swirl mark or any flaw in the slick finish. You can’t lay a cloth on the rounded fenders of this 75 year old car because with the Wizards it just slides off. I have converted many car people over from other brands to make them serious believers in this product. This 1940 Coupe has won Best of Class at Cavalcade of Customs three times, and has made the front cover of the NHRA’s Street Scene Magazine (March 2006) and draws constant attention every place I drive it. I want to send a thanks out to the entire crew at Wizards for supplying the absolute best products for the folks who are serious about their custom cars and trucks. My Goldwing Trike gets the same polish and detailer as my Hotrod. Thanks again.

-Michael Dirr

New Richmond, OH

Jason Latham

We have tried most products on the market, and were never completely satisfied wth the process or the results. As you know, time is money, so if we could reduce the time it took to cut and buff a car, then it would ultimately save the customer money. Once we tried Mystic Cut and Mystic Polish, we were sold! We have been using Wizards Products for several years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only do we use Wizards in the Cut and Buff stage, but we use the complete line of detail products too.

-Jason Latham

Big Oak Garage

Hokes Bluff, AL

Chris Osborne

I came across Wizards Products at a local car show a few years ago, bought some polish to try, and have never looked back. I have tried all the others on my ‘61 T-Bird and nothing comes close to the quality of Wizards Products. I was especially happy when the All Wheel & Tire cleaner was released, as my car has chrome wire wheels and they are a bear to clean, but this product makes the job quick and easy. My car polish cupboard is now full of Wizards products.

-Chris Osborne,

South Australia

Shane Lile

This is a 2010 Heritage Softail, we have used Wizards Products exclusively on it, starting with Turbo Cut, all the way to maintaining with detail spray. The Metal Polish is the best we have used, works on chrome, stainless, and aluminum. The Bug Release works great after a late night riding, and does not affect the finish at all. We will always use Wizards Products at our shop.

-Shane Lile


I just have to say that Wizards Products are simply the best! I use them to detail and finish my motorcycles. Never before have I seen products so easy to use while restoring factory new looks to my bikes. Simply Amazing!


Tupelo, MS

Nate R

I was skeptical to say the least, but after trying, I fell in love. Easy to use, and great instructions for 1st time users. And best of all, this stuff works. I won’t use anything else on my vehicles.

-Nate R

Dickinson, ND

Jeff J.

I just attended the F-100 Super Nationals show in Lebanon TN, there I met J.T. Foster, and his wife. I was hesitant to change from the products I have used for a long time, but J.T. insisted Wizards was better. I decide to try some, guess what happened? I am a believer now, less work and better shine. Great products and J.T. and his wife are great people, hope to catch you all soon at another show.

Thank you so much.

-Jeff J.

Mount Washington


Justin Nichols

I own Nichols Paint & Fab in Watseka IL. We build a lot of custom cars, trucks, and bikes. We always use Wizards Products on our paint. Our favorite product is the Shine Master Polish & Sealant. We apply it before every show, and after we cut and rub each build, it just puts the final gloss on.

-Justin Nichols

Watseka, IL


These products are amazing. I’ve never seen anything that works this good. I have a 1957 Chevy and I wouldn’t use anything but Wizards Products. Try it once and you will never go back to any other product!


Philadelphia, PA

Addie Hatfield

When using the Wizards Big Throw Polisher, it is easy and fun. It makes the task of buffing and waxing easy. It is light weight, and does not throw you around like some other polishers. I would recommend it for anybody.

  • Addie Hatfield

Town and Country Auto Body

O’Neill, NE

Richard A. Maurer

In April of 2002, I purchased a black 1976 Pontiac SE-Trans am, with low miles and a 455-4 speed. After some research, I found they only produced 319 of these cars and figured I better take good care of it.

I tried a variety of waxes and polishes, until I found Mist-N-Shine and I couldn’t believe the results. I also use your Shine Master with the same great results.

My car now has 80,000 miles on it and at car shows, people ask if the paint is fresh, when it is actually over 16 years old.

Keep up the good work and your great products, as I will be a user for life.

thank you

-Richard A. Maurer

Ruth, MI

Jimmy Owens

I purchased Wizards Products based on a no nonsense sales pitch by J.T. Foster and seeing the great detail look of his dragster at the Ford F-100 Truck show in 2016. Following J.T.’s recomendaitons, my wife and I detailed our traveling 2008 V8 347 CI Red Ranger as soon as we returned home. The results were better than all the other name brand products we had used. Clean-up after a road trip has been faster and easier. Since using Wizards Products, we have won two trophies being in the top 25 at car shows. Thanks Wizards Products and J.T. Foster

-Jimmy Owens

John Sharp

I’ve always loved using Shine Master for my paint, but the last time I detailed my truck I decided to use the Shine Master on my aluminum truck tool box. I was AMAZED at how well it restored the box to its original shine and luster. Check out the side I polished with Shine Master versus the four year old weathered side, it’s impressive how well it cleaned and polished it! I’ve used a lot of products but nothing keeps me coming back like Wizards.

-John Sharp

Cincinnati, OH

Jim Lanz

I just completed a wet sand buff, polish and wax on my 35 year old fiberglass Porsche replica. This finish looks BETTER than new. In the past I used your competitors products. I was directed to your compound and polish by my supplier, Autofinisher of Buffalo.

Wow! Great stuff!

Thank you!

-Jim Lanz

Buffalo, NY


Started using wizards products on my 21 year old pickup. Love the ease of use and the deep shine your products produce!!

George Partner

Dear Sirs, Just wanted to let you know you have a fantastic product. As you can tell by these pictures, I have tried everything out there, but this is the best by FAR. I’ll never use anything else.

Best shine, or as one of my friends said, “It Gleams.”

Thank You George Partner

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