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Mystic Polish™

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$46.48 - $161.74
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Smart Abrasive TechnologyMachine Glaze

Part No. 11047, 32 oz, each or 6/Case.

Part No. 11050, Gallon, each or 4/Case.

  • Exclusive “Nano-Sphere Technology” incorporates latest Nano abrasives.
  • Use as a stand alone polish or the final step in the buffing process.
  • Quickly removes swirls, light scratches, spider webbing and mild imperfections.
  • No wax, silicone or crystalline silica.
  • Safe for all paints.
  • Apply by hand or machine.

* Follow with Shine Master Polish & Breathable Sealant for long lasting protection.

WIZARDS® MYSTIC POLISH" MACHINE GLAZE removes swirl marks and micro light scratches from ALL dark color paint/clear types, fresh or aged; ideal follow-up to ALL cutting compounds. Superior results for general light buffing with rotary, orbital D/A polishers, or by hand: Ultra gloss finishing


  1. Starting with a clean, cool surface, apply MYSTIC POLISH" generously using a WIZARDS® GRAY FINISHING PAD #11312, slowly buff/spread in a 2'x2' area, then increase to run rotary buffer at 1400-2200 RPM.
  2. On black/dark colors or extremely soft paint, continue with WIZARDS® BLUE ULTRA-FINISHING PAD #11314.
  3. Remove all residues with a Microfiber cloth and inspect.
  4. Detail finish to a super gloss with MIST-N-SHINE® #01214 and


ORBITAL D/A DIRECTIONS: Apply MYSTIC POLISH™ generously to full face of pad. Hold pad flat to surface and spread across a 2'x2' section using light to moderate pressure with 3-4 slow passes. Add drops as needed once pad is wet.

Clean face of pad with nyion pad conditioning brush #11231 as needed. HINT:

MYSTIC POLISH" also works for light compounding by switching to cutting pads.


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