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Free Shipping On Orders of $75 or More

Finish Cut™

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$32.45 - $112.94
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No Swirls Compound

Part No. 11040, 32 oz, each or 6/Case.

Part No. 11041, Gallon, each or 4/Case.

  • No swirls, easy clean up.
  • Levels and removes scratches on paint and clear coat, fresh or aged finishes.
  • One step buffing on most colors and clear coat, fresh or aged finishes.
  • Brightens dull finishes and removes heavy paint overspray.
  • Finish buffs to a high gloss.
  • No wax, silicone or crystalline silica.
  • Water-based, no staining, etching, or dusting.
  • Marine use: Exterior defect removal on gelcoat, paint, fiberglass. Removes swirls and minor scratches on average surfaces

WIZARDS® FINISH CUT delivers extreme gloss while eliminating fine scratches, heavy swirls, cobwebbing, overspray, and minor imperfections. Use on all fresh, aged, single stage and clear coat finishes. Ideal follow-up to TURBO CUT™ and ALL cutting Compounds.


DIRECTIONS: Starting with a clean, cool surface, apply FINISH CUT" generously, slowly buff/spread in a 2'x2' area. Then increase to run rotary buffer at 1400-2200 RPM. For the best cut to remove scratches without hazing, use a WIZARDS® BLENDED WOOL PAD #11203 and avoid fast back and forth buffing. Continue with a WIZARDS® WHITE FOAM CUTTING PAD #11310. Finish by buffing with a WIZARDS® GRAY FINISHING PAD #11312 at 1000 RPM. Detail finish to a super gloss with MIST-N-SHINE® #01214 and MULTI-FIBER CLOTH #11420.


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