Polishers & Pads / Paint Correction

About Our Polishers and Pads

Our Wizards Big Throw Dual Action/Orbital Polishers can replace a rotary buffer in many applications, and for a novice can eliminate substantial risk of doing paint damage. For the professional or do-it-yourselfer these polishers will correct deeply scratched/swirled paint quickly with minimal skill or effort and leave your finish free from scratches, swirls and holograms that regular rotary buffers can leave behind....

We also offer a wide range of pads to target your specific project:

For the Dual Action Orbital polishers the fastest cut comes from the 100% wool, or cut and semi finish with the microfiber and then polish with the orange foam and finish with the gray foam. These pads make up our proven system performance with Mystic Cut Compound, Mystic Polish Machine Glaze and Mystic Nano Wax.

For the rotary buffer we offer the fastest cutting 100% wool, to ultra finishing foam for the softest paint conditions. Our 50/50 blended wool is the best for fast cutting and semi finishing. The "waffle" design convoluted foams run cooler and are the Mystic Cut™ system favorites; they provide a recessed backing for easy alignment and protection from backing plate abrasion.

NOTE: Your pad and product choice will determine the speed of cut and degree of gloss without fine pad scratches. Remember, wool cuts faster while foam finishes better. High density foam cuts more and the softer foam finishes best. All pads and backing plates incorporate easy-to-use Velcro® attachments. For additional guidance on pad and product choices see our Wizards Body Shop Application Guide or DA/Orbital Application Guide.