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Free Shipping On Orders of $75 or More

Black Renew™

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Exterior Treatment

Part No. 66309, 8 oz each or 12/Case.

  • Cleans and renews all smooth and textured trim, plastic and rubber.
  • Works on all colors; not a shoe polish or dye.
  • Instantly removes embedded wax and white residue.
  • Great for faded fairing interiors.
  • Concentrated cream outlasts sprays.
  • No airborne silicone contaminants.

WIZARDS® BLACK RENEW™ is a one-step cream that cleans, beautifies and protects ALL COLOR exterior trim. Use to remove old wax and white compound residue from moldings, bumpers, door handles, guards, etc. Bring new life to faded trim without paint or dyes. BLACK RENEW™ is a water based polymer emulsion with citrus cleaners.

DIRECTIONS: Use on clean, cool and dry surfaces only. Apply to applicator pad and rub firmly into surface until a deep luster is achieved. Use periodically to maintain UV protection.

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