Mini Buffing System (1 each of 3 pads plus backing plate)

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WIZARDS® Mini Buffing System

Part No. 11250, each or 6/case.

  • Saves time with expert results.
  • Cut, polish, remove swirls, or apply wax/sealer.
  • Use on paint, metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Great for tight areas or spot repairs.

Kit Includes:

  • Part No. 11251 3” Wool Mini Buffing Pad, (cutting).
  • Part No. 11252 4” Yellow Foam Mini Buffing Pad, (light cutting).
  • Part No. 11253 4” Grey Foam Mini Buffing Pad (final finishing).
  • Part No. 11254 Mini Backing Plate Set with D/A Adapter (standard 5/16") and Drill Adapter (standard ¼" shank).
  • All pads use Velcro® attachments.

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