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Wizards® Wash

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Super Concentrated

Part No. 11077, 16 oz, 12/Case.

Part No. 11079, Gallon, 4/Case.

  • Thick, rich, long-lasting foam.
  • Gentle, but thorough, cleaning on all types of exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • Streak-free rinsing assures quick drying and maximum shine without stripping Shine Master Polish & Breathable Sealant.
  • Adds lubrication when wet sanding.
  • Marine use:To wash and pre-clean exterior of boat.


WIZARDS® WASH is a superior ultra-concentrated, pow-er-packed wash that delivers gentle but thorough cleaning of all types of surfaces: cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats, aircraft and more. Its thick, foaming action lifts and safely floats away dirt and grime without removing polishes or waxes. Streak-free rinsing assures quick drying and maximum shine.

WIZARDS® WASH has a neutral pH and contains no acids, abrasives, silicones, waxes or damaging sodium chloride.

FOR BEST RESULTS: After washing, use WIZARDS® SHINE MASTER™ Polish and Sealant #11033 to add a high gloss shine and protection. For quick dusting and added gloss between washings use WIZARDS® MIST-N-SHINE® Professional Detailer #01214

DIRECTIONS: Wet surface thoroughly with water. In a bucket, mix ½ oz. or more of WASH with 2 gallons of water. Hand agitate to desired foam level. Wash surface using a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Rinse vehicle thoroughly. Do not allow WASH to dry on surface. Dry with WIZARDS® WATER BANDIT™ #11066 chamois or absorbent cloth.



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