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Mystic Nano Wax™

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$16.90 - $52.47
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Super Slick Nano Wax Technology

Part No. 11039, 8 oz, 12/Case.

Part No. 11030, 32 oz, 6/Case.

  • Exclusive formula incorporates synthetic Nano Wax polymers.
  • Extreme gloss, slickness and protection benefits.
  • Safe results on ALL paint/clear types, new or aged.
  • Use as a stand alone wax, show glaze, or finishing/waxing step.
  • Micro Polishes on soft paints.
  • Use with "The Wizard 21" Big Throw Orbital Polisher or any dual action/orbital polisher or by hand application.
  • Micro-fine polishing/2nd step to the WIZARDS "Scratch & Swirl Removal" System (SSR) using the Wizards 21 Big Throw Polisher.

WIZARDS MYSTIC NANO WAX" gives your paint an "Ultra Finish" with extreme gloss, slickness and protection benefits of synthetic Nano wax polymers. Safe results on ALL paint/clear types, new or aged. Use as a stand-alone wax, show glaze or finishing/waxing step using the WIZARDS 21 HD™ Big Throw Orbital Polisher. No dusting and non-abrasive to the softest and most sensitive paint/clears, especially black. "Best In Class" finishes can be achieved with MYSTIC NANO WAX™ in combination with the GRAY FOAM PAD when used with all Orbital D/A polishers


  1. ORBITAL APPLICATION: Apply MYSTIC NANO WAX™ generously to full face of WIZARDS® GRAY FOAM PAD #11605. Hold pad flat to surface and spread across a 2'x2' section using light pressure with 3-4 slow passes. Add drops to proceed once pad is wet. Clean face of pad with nylon brush as needed.
  2. HAND APPLICATION: Apply to a cool clean surface with foam applicator pad, spreading out thinly a section at a time. Remove residue with a quality WIZARDS® Microfiber Cloth immediately, before or after light hazing.
  3. NOTE: For paint correction, use WIZARDS® MYSTIC CUT" #11048 to remove all scratches and swirls prior to applying MYSTIC NANO WAX".
    See WIZARDS® SCRATCH & SWIRL REMOVAL KIT #99121 (SSR) three pad/two product system.


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