What is a ceramic coating? [pdf]

The active contents’ technical name is SiO2 Quartz.

For your vehicle it’s a hand applied layer of liquid polymer that chemically bonds to provide a “glass like” clear coat protection for all exterior surfaces.

Why is this “glass like” layer better at protecting your car?

Wizards High Solids Ceramic Coating uses nanotechnology to form a bond of additional protection that is antioxidant, antistatic, UV, acid, salt, chemical and scratch resistant above the 9H test level. It repels dirt and water so your vehicle is much easier to clean while adding additional chemical resistance.

This nanotechnology is totally invisible to the eye, but forms a very thin yet durable protective layer. This makes the surface extremely hydrophobic and water-repellent. This layer will diffuse ultraviolet light, repel chemicals, limit scratches, and guard from extreme heat and paint transfer or marring.

The most obvious and immediately noticeable characteristic of our ceramic coating is the extreme “wet” look after it cures. It literally looks like a freshly painted clear coat in the spray booth. The ceramic coating amplifies your vehicle’s finish, so the better your paint correction is before coating, the more it will enhance the shine.

HowDoes it Work?/Application Guide Graphic [pdf]

How To Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle

You will need a location with adequate ventilation. It’s also best to apply a ceramic coating with the least exposure to the elements as possible. The process takes several hours and is sensitive to extreme heat, cold or dust.

Below is a step by step guide for the application of ceramic coat to a vehicle:

1. You want to start off with a clean car free of all dirt and debris. The first step is to give your vehicle a complete and thorough washing. Begin by cleaning the vehicle in the shade with Wizards Wash using soft water if available. Make sure to dry the vehicle before it spots. Water spots are corrosive deposits from the minerals in the water.

2. Once the car is clean, it’s time to begin the scratch removal process, also known as paint correction. This requires good lighting and inspection as the best tool is your eyes. Work in sections; only moving forward once all scratches are removed. We recommend using the Dual Action Wizards 21 HD Big Throw Polisher. Begin with Wizards Mystic Cut Compound and our microfiber cutting pad. This removes all surface scratches and prepares you for the next step. For deeper scratches and a faster cut you can also use a Wizards wool cutting pad for the first step. Next, polish with the orange foam polishing pad using the same Mystic Cut Compound. For most paints this process delivers excellent results. Some paints are softer and more delicate. If you see any light hazing or micro scratches at this point, use the orange foam polishing pad with Mystic Polish Machine Glaze. This is excellent for jeweling the finish to perfection. Depending on your type of paint, you can use Mystic Polish Machine Glaze with either the orange or gray foam pads. Be sure to carefully inspect your work by wiping the surface free of all residue before moving to the next area. Clean the area with a microfiber cloth and inspect for any swirls or scratches. At this point you should have a high gloss, smooth and scratch-free finish. Keep in mind that there is a difference between scratch removal and scratch reduction. Some deeper scratches may be better left reduced, rather than pushing too far and possibly going through the clear coat or base color by removing too much material.

3. Once you finish the last panel, do a general wash and dry to remove residues from polishing. There is no need to apply waxes or paint sealants at this stage.

4. It’s time for surface preparation. Use Wizards Precoat Cleaner to completely remove all oil, wax and dust residues. Pay special attention to emblems and plastic parts like headlight and taillight lenses, mirrors and panel gaps - all the places oils and residue can hide. Once you have gone over the car with Precoat Cleaner, it is completely prepared for ceramic coat application.

5. Using Wizards custom applicator pads provided in the kit, apply Wizards Ceramic Coat for Paint in panel sections just as we did for our surface preparation step. Apply about 10 drops of Wizards Ceramic Coat along the leading edge of the custom applicator pad. Apply the coating evenly in one direction then another in a cross hatch pattern - east, west, then north, south - to assure full coating. Look carefully from different angles to make sure you are getting full coverage.

6. Depending on temperature and humidity, wait about 2-4 minutes - it’s time to level the coating once it flashes or shows a rainbow affect. You want the coating to have time to start to cure but not totally dry. DO NOT apply and walk away to dry on its own. Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe to level the surface; smoothing out the coating and leveling it to a uniform thickness. You may want to feather edges to make sure there is a uniform look. You can blend in by wiping in a circular motion. If you wait too long and it becomes difficult to blend in the drying coating, use a dampened, folded microfiber cloth to wipe the area. Then follow immediately with a clean dry folded microfiber cloth. This will remove the dull spots and leave the finish glossy and uniform.

7. Coat all areas of the vehicle using the same process. Ceramic Coating protects all types of surfaces. Use it on the paint, all plastics including clear and smoked headlight lens covers, grille, mirrors and emblems.

8. Note the time you begin coating the first panel. Let all areas of the coating dry for about an hour from the beginning of application. Apply a second coat using the same procedure as the first.

9. Let the vehicle cure for at least twelve hours before exposing it to rain or getting it wet. It will take approximately eight days for full cure with maximum scratch and chemical protection.

10. So how do you maintain this beautiful shine? Always wash carefully by hand with heavy foam and dry completely to prevent water spots from hard water. Use Wizards Ceramic Boost after washing to extend the super hydrophobic qualities and extend the coatings life on your vehicle.